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Best Food to Try at Celtic Festivals

Celtic music festivals are wonderful events filled with lively bands, incredible step dancers and of course, food vendors. If you ever have the pleasure of hitting up an Irish festival, don’t forget to taste these five incredible traditional dishes. 1. Ulster Fry The Ulster Fry also known as the Full[...]

Celtic Music

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Celtic Music

Celtic or folk music evolved from several genres of music across Western Europe. You often find Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh and other backgrounds related to Celtic music as well. However Celtic music origins will always belong to those who call themselves Celts. There are common themes in Celtic music that have made[...]




While the summer plays host to an array of music festivals and hot dog eating contests, many people look forward to the annual celtic music events and festivals held around the country where warmer seasons invite corned beef, cabbage and bagpipes are the main attraction. As the summer plays host[...]